Junior Ranger Program (Ranthambhore)

2 Nights / 3 Days Tour

Getting There

Road or train

Best time to visit

01 October to 30 Arpil


Distance from Delhi is 400 kms

Ranthambhore National Park  is one of the oldest, largest and best known habitats of the Tiger in India. The program allows the opportunity for studying the tiger in its habitat, learning about human-wildlife conflict issues, gaining an insight into the lives of the tribal, seeing the fascinating tiger paintings, and living in some of the most spectacular wildlife areas of India.


On this trip the children will undertake the following experiences and activities

  • The program allows an in-depth hands-on introduction to the ground realities of tiger conservation in India.
  • The project is situated in the Ranthambhore National Park and is one of the richest ecosystems for the survival of the highly endangered cat in the wild.
  • Early morning safaris and walks allow an insight into the practical problems of conservation and give you an opportunity for rare glimpses of not only tigers but also wild dogs, and other mammals.
  • The area is extremely rich in bird and insect life and there are fantastic opportunities for observing animal behaviour and photography.
  • Besides the safaris there will be talks on tiger conservation, wildlife management and human-animal conflict by experts and facilitators.
  • Understanding the sights, sounds and the layout of the National Park and track tigers and other animals of the wild through their pug marks, hoof marks, alarm calls etc
  • Visit Ranthambhore School of Art, interact with the artists and learn about their conservation ideals and strategy as an NGO.
  • The main focus of this village visit is to help students understand the lifestyle, culture, folklores and traditions of rural Rajasthan.
  • We focus on issues of gender inequality, local governance (including Panchayati Raj Institution), natural resource management, health and education are also looked into.



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